Vehicle Regulations

  1. All students and employees are required to have a parking permit to park on campus.
  2. Students and Employees are not allowed to park in Visitor Parking.
  3. Students are not allowed to park in Faculty/Staff parking space/lots.
  4. Students and employees must have a Handicap sticker to park in specially marked spaces.
  5. Fines will be issued to those that park in areas not allowed.
  6. Parking permit application and permits are available in the Business Office.
  7. Student parking permits are good for the school year (September through August); replacement stickers are $2.00.
  8. Parking permits must be placed on the glass and should be visible to Campus Police.
  9. Each car driven on campus must have a separate application and parking permit.
  10. Permits are kept on file with TC Campus Police.
  11. Parking fines are paid in the TC Business Office.

Rate of Speed on Campus

The maximum rate of speed on campus is 15 miles per hour.

Parking Areas for Students

Students are required to park between the two yellow lines, whether it is parallel or diagonal parking. Students may NOT park in spots labeled “Faculty” or others designated by state law, including handicapped (unless applicable), fire zones, loading zones, etc. Student vehicles parked in restricted areas are subject to tickets and removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Additional information can be obtained at the Texarkana College Department of Public Safety or by calling 903-823-3330.