Truman Arnold Student Center and Student Activities

Texarkana College Student Services supports the vision of providing students with enriching activities outside of the classroom, which will enhance the overall educational experience of the student. Coupled with the classroom experience, student activities provide students with the prospect of developing holistically as well as creating an opportunity to engage the student into the fabric of Texarkana College. The Truman Arnold Student Center (TASC) serves as a central location for many, though not all, student activities. The TASC houses the campus bookstore, meeting rooms, lounging areas, ping pong table, foosball table, corn hole, board games, a speaker, and The Bistro with a 250-seat dining area.  Activities offered to students include membership in clubs and organizations, speaker series, student travel, educational events, recreational events, and intramural sports.

Campus student activities are designed to provide students the opportunity for:

  • developing relationships
  • developing a foundation to embrace teamwork
  • increasing interest in academic courses
  • service learning
  • leadership development
  • developing decision-making skills
  • developing personal empowerment
  • self-expression
  • recreational and social enrichment
  • community service