The primary goal of Admissions and Recruitment Services is to attract new, transfer, and returning students to Texarkana College. This goal is accomplished through activities including, but not limited to high school visits, school presentations, participation in college fairs, coordinated campus visits, and a written communication system (regular e-mails and mailings). Admissions and Recruitment Services is also responsible for assisting with departmental recruitment efforts, admission application days, FAFSA Nights, college-wide preview days, and community outreach.

Admissions and Recruitment Services provides information to high school students, parents, and the community to educate and promote the value of a life-long education and to recognize Texarkana College as a valuable and viable education option. We are also dedicated to maximizing student and community access to Texarkana College and providing information and support for the transition to college regardless of background, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or age.

  • Provide timely information about the College, its policies, procedures for admissions and enrollment.
  • Provide support, assistance, guidance, and resources for potential students to meet their higher education aspirations.
  • Educate the community about Texarkana College and its programs and benefits through presentations, personal contact, e-mails, and mailings.
  • Work as a team with TC faculty, staff, and former students to attract new, transfer, and returning students.
  • Foster awareness, promote, and support a culture of higher education in the College’s service area through outreach and recruiting activities including college/career fairs, business fairs, outreach presentations, Apply Texas Days, FAFSA Nights, and high school visits.