Student Services

The primary mission of all educational institutions is learning; Texarkana College recognizes that there are many activities and programs outside the classroom which enhance the learning process. Consequently, Student Services has established numerous services to help students move toward the attainment of the goals.

Through a wide variety of programs and services designed to address and respond to the needs of each individual student, we provide opportunities for students to succeed academically, broaden their horizons, and learn more about themselves.

Student Services, by contributing to the overall educational process at Texarkana College, is committed to serving the special needs of a diverse student population. Thus, the variety and comprehensive nature of student affairs at the college is intended to support a multitude of concerns for a large and changing student body.

All students are encouraged to contact Student Services assistance in obtaining information about our programs and services.

Contact: Dean of Students

Location: Carl M. Nelson Administration Building

Phone: 903-823-3141

Texarkana College Student Services hosts a variety of primary services for students that includes, but is not limited to, the following service areas:

  • New Student Orientation (College 101)
  • Truman Arnold Student Center & Student Activities
  • Palmer Memorial Library
  • C.O. Pinkerton Fitness Center
  • Assessment and Testing Information
  • TRIO Programs (Student Support Services, Talent Search, and EOC)
  • Computer & Wireless Access / Online Services
  • Housing Information
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Transfer Center