A variety of scholarships are available at Texarkana College. Scholarships include those awarded and administered by the Texarkana College scholarship committees as well as those awarded by community and civic organizations. In addition, Texarkana College awards institutional scholarships for various programs of study and for academic merit. The criteria for receiving scholarships vary according to standards set by donors and by the scholarship committees. Most scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic merit and financial need. Scholarships are awarded both to freshmen and to sophomores. Please contact the Texarkana College Scholarship Coordinator for more information about the scholarship program and application process. You must complete an admissions application before applying for Texarkana College scholarships. The application(s) for scholarships can be accessed through the Texarkana College website at www.texarkanacollege.edu/scholarships.

The following endowment and scholarship funds are administered by the Texarkana College Foundation. Please contact the TC Foundation for complete information at 903-823-3125.

Endowed Scholarships

The following Institutional Scholarships are awarded and administered by Texarkana College:

  • Presidential Scholarship: a full scholarship for up to an Associate’s Degree or 60 semester hours. For Bowie County students, the scholarship is awarded for high school graduates who are in the top 10 of their class or top 15% of their class with a 3.25 unweighted GPA. Eligibility criteria varies for students graduating from a high school outside Bowie County.
  • Eldridge Scholarship: The Jake and Bessie Eldridge Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students planning to attend a public, four-year Texas college or university after completing a minimum of 60 semester credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Other Endowed Scholarships: Foundation, Departmental, etc.

In addition to the scholarships, a number of other awards are presented annually by organizations in the TC service area. Inquiries concerning these scholarships may be directed to the Scholarship Coordinator.

Please visit www.texarkanacollege.edu/scholarships for more information regarding scholarships, deadlines, and requirements.