Texarkana College’s focus on student retention is designed to maximize academic success and build social connections for new, returning, first-generation, academically challenged, non-traditional, under-represented, and transitional students of Texarkana College. The goal is to provide students with resources to increase the opportunities for students to complete their educational goals; additionally, it focuses on assisting and encouraging students to complete an associate’s degree or certificate program. Students will benefit from program participation by:

  • Individual tutoring and academic advising
  • Learning study skills and other valuable learning strategies
  • Students are less likely to stop and drop out
  • Students are better prepared for high wage, high skill, and high demand jobs in a global market

Texarkana College is also committed to building a diverse and accessible institution that fosters intellectual and social advancement. The purpose is to establish a structure that defines the roles and relationships necessary for systematic promotion of diversity, equity, and respectful interactions at all levels of the college. Our goal is to build an environment which is welcoming, inclusive, and that promotes and affirms diversity. These initiatives strive to make the academic and social integration of underrepresented students to college life as smooth as possible through mentoring and exposure to academic programs and student services. The availability of leadership training and attendance to regional and national conferences further enhances diverse student’s experiences.

Texarkana College has established processes for planning, program development, and communication necessary to activate our commitment to diversity. Expected outcomes of this initiative are:

  1. development of a structure that provides the basis for regular assessment of campus climates and needs;
  2. establishment of relevant training and programs to address identified needs;
  3. an organized effort to promote and support diversity within Texarkana College.