Requirements for Graduation

Texarkana College confers four major degrees: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), and the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT). In addition, Texarkana College awards certificates of graduation for completion of programs of fewer than two years in length.

This catalog reflects the Texas Common Course Numbering system adopted by Texarkana College in cooperation with other Texas colleges and universities.  Students earning an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Arts in Teaching at Texarkana College must complete TC’s general education requirement in addition to major courses and electives in their particular area of interest, and all requirements of the Texas Success Initiative.  Students earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree must complete a portion of TC’s core curriculum and all requirements of the Texas Success Initiative.

For course descriptions and specified prerequisites, see the section of the catalog/handbook providing course descriptions. Students should check the catalog of the senior college of their choice for transfer requirements. At least 25% of semester credit hours earned toward an associate degree from TC must be earned through instruction offered by Texarkana College.  Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) coursework can make up no more than 9 semester credit hours of the elective requirements for the General Studies degree plan.  Use of WECM coursework toward elective requirements must be approved by the Registrar.  The courses are noted with a ‘W’ in the Course Description section of the Catalog. The core curriculum requirements for all programs meet SACSCOC general education requirements.

Additional Awards

A student can earn more than one degree at Texarkana College using the same General Education Core with the completion of an additional subsequent 15-18 semester hours of work to meet the degree requirements of the specific area of emphasis.

A student may not earn more than one Associate’s degree or certificate per academic year without the approval of either the Dean of Workforce or Vice President of Instruction.

General Requirements for Associate’s Degree

  1. A minimum of 60 semester hours are required for graduation.
  2. A maximum of 50% of the coursework for an AA, AS, or AAT degree will be accepted as Credit for Prior Learning. No more than 75% will be accepted for an AAS degree.
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation.
  4. Students must take at least 25% of their coursework at Texarkana College.

General Requirements for Certificates of Competency

  1. Students must fulfill all coursework and credit hour requirements as outlined in the college catalog.
  2. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in courses required for certificate.
  3. Students must take at least 25% of their coursework at Texarkana College.
  4. A maximum of 75% of the coursework for a certificate program will be accepted through Prior Learning Assessment.