Required Assessments & Exemptions

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students to be assessed in reading, math, and writing prior to enrolling in college. Beginning in the Fall of 2013, Texas only accepts the TSI Assessment as fulfillment for this requirement. All students must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity before they can take the TSI. The Pre-Assessment Activity can be found at

Upon completion of the Activity, the student will be emailed completion verification.  Students must then take a copy of this email to an Advisor in Enrollment Services. The Advisor will then give the student a referral form to take to the Testing Center. Upon payment of the testing fee, the student will be allowed to take the TSI Assessment. Once the TSI Assessment has been completed, the student will receive a copy of his/her scores to take back to Enrollment Services.  If indicated by the scores on the assessment, the Advisor will place the student in developmental education courses.

TSI Exemptions

TSI Waivers

  • Active-duty military service or members of reserve armed forces serving for at least 3 years preceding enrollment

Workforce and Vocational Certificate Requirements

All students must take the TABE exam and meet with an Advisor in the Advising Office. The following programs require that a student make a certain score on the TABE exam:

  • Air Conditioning/Heating & Refrigeration Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Auto Body Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Automotive Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Business Office Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Cosmetology (TABE score of 576)
  • Construction Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Culinary Arts (TABE score of 537)
  • Diesel Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Electrical Technology (TABE score of 537)
  • Instrumentation/Robotics (TABE score of 537)
  • Mechatronics (TABE score of 537)
  • Welding (TABE score of 537)