Repeated Courses

Courses may be repeated for possible grade improvement.  The only way a course grade may be raised is by repeating the course and earning a higher grade. If a course is repeated and a lower grade is earned, then the first grade will remain the grade of record; however, when a student repeats a course, all grades remain on the record with a notation for the course(s) no longer used in GPA calculation. When a course is repeated, the credit hours will be counted only once toward graduation, unless a degree plan specifies that a course may be repeated for additional credit. If a student registers again for a course with a current mark of “I,” the “I” becomes an “F.”

For example, students may take the same P.E. two times for credit at TC. Texarkana College students should check with the school to which they plan to transfer to determine the number of physical education courses required by that institution. No more than four (4) semester credit hours of PE Activity courses can be applied toward meeting degree/certification requirements.


The Texas Legislature has mandated that a course repeated by a student more than twice at a public institution of higher education may not be reported for state funding. This mandate is called the “3-Peat Rule.” For a course being “3-Peated” (taken for a third or more time), students will be charged an additional fee of $75 per semester credit hour ($225 for a three-credit-hour course) in addition to the regular tuition and required fees associated with the course. These fees will apply unless the course may be repeated for credit according to a degree plan. Texarkana College scholarship funds will not be applied for a course repeated for the third or more times; instead, students will be responsible for the “3-Peat” course fees.