Professional Staff

Katie Andrus, B.B.A.
Executive Director for TC Foundation

Dustin Austin, B.A.A.S.
Director of Workforce Development for Community & Business Education

Erubiel Basurto-Ruiz, M.B.A.
Assistant Registrar

Tonja Blase, M.S.
Director of Student Support Services and Disability Services

Hunter Bobo, M.B.A.

Kelley Coleman, M.S.
Assistant Director of Prison Education Program

Vicki Dodson
Coordinator of Pinkerton Recreation Center

Holli Easley
Coordinator of Allied Health Continuing Education

Stephen Gass, M.S.
Executive Director of Public Safety, Chief of Police

Amanda Graham, M.Ed.
Executive Director of Academic Services

Danny Haflich, B.S.
Director of Bookstore

Brandon Higgins, M.B.A.
Registrar & Executive Director of Advising

Thomas Holt
Director of Workforce Education

Suzy Irwin, M.S.
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Susan Johnston, B.B.A.
Executive Director of Financial Aid

Lisa Jones, M.S.
Director of Adult Education

Tenequa Martin, M.B.A.
Director of Talent Search & EOC

Steve Mitchell, B.S.
Executive Director of KTXK Radio Station

David Nguyen
Director of Purchasing/Grant Accountant

Mindy Preston
Executive Director of President and Board Events

Emily Ransom, M.L.S.
Assistant Director/Instruction and Distance Education/Librarian

Doug Saffel, M.S.I.S.
Director of Prison Education Program

Mendy Sharp, M.S.
Executive Director of Business Development

Scott Smart
Assistant Director of Facilities Services

Kathy Smith, B.B.A.
Director of Testing & End User Technology

Ken Smith, M.B.A.
Coordinator of Dual Credit

Stephanie Stokes
Director of Dual Credit

Valerie Tatum, B.B.A.
Executive Director of Business Office

Kenny Trissell
Executive Director of Facilities Services

Bart Upchurch, M.S.
Executive Director of Information Technology

Lee Williams III, M. Ed.
Executive Director of Retention, Student Success, & EOC