Process for Appealing a Final Grade in a Course

Grade determination and awarding of a final grade in a course is clearly the responsibility of the instructor. Final grade reports will be available to the student within a reasonable time following the end of the course. When a student becomes aware of a final grade that is believed to be incorrect, the student may appeal the final grade received in the course. The student must initiate the appeal process no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the semester in which the grade was given.

Students may not use this procedure to challenge the substance or content of an exam, test item, or assignment. At no step in the process are the instructor’s questions or individual test items to be scrutinized. Only the course syllabus (e.g. grading system) and letter or numerical grades as recorded by the instructor will be examined.

The student and instructor shall discuss in private consultation the grade that the student believes is incorrect. At this meeting, only the grades on tests, projects, reports, etc., and the grading system listed in the syllabus will be discussed and recalculated as necessary.

Whenever possible, the matter should be resolved at this meeting. The decision of the instructor will be transmitted to the student in writing. If the student is dissatisfied with the decision, the student must follow the grievance procedure set forth in the Texarkana College Catalog/Student Handbook.