Pharmacy Technology Program (AAS)

Texarkana College is dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of enrolled students in becoming competent entry-level pharmacy technicians to function within the healthcare community they serve. Students will learn the theory of the pharmacy profession including both institutional and retail/community pharmacy essentials.  Upon completion of this program, students will gain growth and development in becoming pharmacy technicians with high ethics, professionalism, effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, clinical competency, and the highest quality patient care in mind.

Pharmacy Technology Program Admission Requirements

  1. A college Application for Admission indicating Pharmacy Technology as your major and the date of desired enrollment. Students must meet all TC admission requirements
  2. A personal guidance interview with the Health Sciences Enrollment Specialist. Call for an appointment.  (903) 823-3351
  3. An official high school transcript or GED scores and transcripts from all other colleges attended. Students in the Pharmacy Technology Program must be 18 years or older to enroll
  4. Any student on suspension or probation must be cleared through the Admissions Office
  5. Students must be TSI met in all areas
  6. Prior to acceptance, a negative drug screen will be required. This is not required until notification in writing of “Conditional Acceptance” into the Pharmacy Technology program has been sent
  7. Hepatitis B vaccination series. NOTE:  It takes 6 months to complete the vaccine series.  Allow time for this prior to application/entry.  If you have questions, please contact the Pharmacy Technology Program Coordinator
  8. Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine within the last 10 years
  9. Proof of a negative TB skin test or negative chest x-ray within six months prior to starting the program.
  10. Measles, Mumps & Rubella vaccine (MMR)
    1. Students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show proof of vaccination of two doses of measles-containing vaccine administered SINCE January 1, 1968 (preferably MMR vaccine)

    1. Students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show proof of vaccination of one dose of mumps vaccine.

    1. Students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show proof of vaccination of one dose of the rubella vaccine
  11. Return checklist to the Health Sciences Enrollment Specialist with an original signature and date.

Completion of one’s file does not constitute admission to the Pharmacy Technology program.  It is your responsibility to complete the appropriate admission requirements by the stated deadlines.  In addition, be aware that Texarkana College Health Sciences Division requires pre-admission drug screening for this program. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be mailed to all candidates.  Make certain your correct mailing address is on file.

Pharmacy Technology Program Requirements

After gaining conditional acceptance into the Pharmacy Technology Program, students must register as a Pharmacy Technician Trainee with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.  The fee for this registration is not included in Texarkana College tuition and fees.  This process will include fingerprinting and a criminal background check. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the application to be processed by the State Board of Pharmacy.  Applicants who are denied a trainee certificate cannot fulfil the program requirements.  The Program Coordinator will instruct you how to complete this process.

Pharmacy Technology Associate of Applied Science


Freshman Year

First Semester Hours
PHRA 1301
Introduction to Pharmacy
PHRA 1202
Pharmacy Law
PHRA 1304
Pharmacotherapy and Disease Process
PHRA 1309
Pharmaceutical Mathematics I
PHRA 1315
Pharmacy Terminology
Total 14
Second Semester Hours
PHRA 1305
Drug Classification
PHRA 1449
Institutional Pharmacy Practice
PHRA 1413
Community Pharmacy Practice
*PHRA 1313 & PHRA 1191
Community Pharmacy Practice & Special Topics in Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
PHRA 1243
Pharmacy Technician Certification Review
PHRA 1360
Clinical – Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Total 16

*PHRA 1313/1191 combination only for students that previously completed certification with the PHRA 1313 requirement

Sophomore Year

Third Semester Hours
ENGL 1301 (core)
Composition I
ARTS 1301 or MUSI 1306 or DRAM 1310/2366 (core)
Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation or Introduction to Theatre/Voice for Theater
College-level Math from Core (any core course) 3
GOVT 2305 (core)
Federal Government (Federal constitution & topics)
HIST 1301 (core)
United States History I
Total 15
Fourth Semester Hours
ENGL 1302 (core)
Composition II
SPCH 1315 (core)
Public Speaking
PHIL 2306 or SOCI 1301 (core)
Introduction to Ethics or Introduction to Sociology
HIST 1302 (core)
United States History II
GOVT 2306 (core)
Texas Government (Texas constitution & topics)
Pharmacy Technology AAS Total