Industry/Professional Certification Credit

Certain industry and professional certifications are eligible for Texarkana College credit. The student must contact the appropriate division dean during his/her first term if certification credit is being sought. The student must provide direct evidence of the secured certification.  The certification or license must be current. For example, a student with a current certified nurse assistant certificate, Texas or Arkansas, may apply for prior learning credit for NURA 1301 and NURA 1160. Faculty members in the discipline will determine if and how much credit will be awarded for a specific certification.  In these instances, the training must directly align with a college course.  The student must submit a Prior Learning Credit Application along with a $50.00 non-refundable application fee to the Student Accounts Office. If the faculty committee determines that credit can be awarded for a specific number of semester credit hours, the student will be notified. If the student wants the credit transcribed to his/her TC transcript, the fee charged for transcription of credit is equal to the amount of tuition charged for the similar amount of credit if a student took a face-to-face class. The awarding of credit is dependent upon faculty recommendation. If credit is given, a grade of “CR” is posted on the student’s transcript.