Grade Point Average (GPA)

The following grades are used in evaluating the student’s work: A, B, C, D1, F, I, and W. Passing grades are A, B, C, and D1; F is failure. The grade “I” indicates incomplete work or absence from examination by excuse.  This incomplete grade must be made up by the end of the next long semester (fall or spring), or it will become an “F.” A contract must be arranged through the instructor.

1A grade of “D” is not acceptable for ADN Nursing, Vocational Nursing, or developmental courses. A student using veteran benefits may receive payment for a course in which a grade of “D” is received unless it is in any of the above subject areas. A grade of “D” is acceptable in other areas and for transfer to Texarkana College. Students should be aware that a grade of “D” may not transfer to senior institutions; transfer is determined by accepting institutions.

Developmental courses are assigned grades according to the same policy detailed above. Developmental course grades are included in Financial Aid GPA calculation for each semester. They are included in determining the eligibility for financial aid; however, these courses are not included in the final cumulative GPA and will not count as credit toward any degree or certificate.

For computation of the GPA, grades are assigned the indicated number of points for each semester hour of credit earned:

Only grades of A, B, C, D, and F are included in the calculation of the grade-point-average. Grade points are assigned to each regular grade as follows:
Grade:Grade points:
A4 points
B3 points
C2 points
D1 point
F0 points

To calculate the GPA, the unit value for each course in which a student receives one of the above grades is multiplied by the number of grade points for that grade. The sum of these products is then divided by the sum of the semester credit hours attempted. For example, to calculate the cumulative GPA for these completed courses:

BIOL 1409 (4 sch) Grade:  AHIST 1301 (3 sch) Grade:  A
SOCI  1301 (3 sch) Grade:  APHED 1123 (1 sch) Grade:  B
ENGL 1301 (3 sch) Grade:  B
MATH  1314 (3 sch) Grade:  C

Multiply the units represented by each grade by the number of points for that grade:

Grade:SCHs: Points: Grade Points:
A10x4=40 grade points
B4x3=12 grade points
C3x2=6 grade points
Total:17 SCHs58 grade points

The cumulative GPA is the sum of the grade points divided by the sum of the semester credit hours attempted. In this case:  58/17 = 3.412