1. The term “College” means Texarkana College.
  2. The term “student” means any individual who is applying for or who has been accepted for admission or enrollment in credit or non-credit classes at Texarkana College.
  3. The term “College Official” includes any person employed by Texarkana College while performing assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.
  4. The term “member of the College community” includes any person who is a student, visitor, faculty or staff member, College official, or any other person employed by the College.
  5. The term “College premises” includes all land, buildings, facilities, and other property in the possession of, owned, used, or controlled by the College.
  6. The term “student organizations” means any number of students who have complied with the requirements for registration as an organization with the College.
  7. The term “hold” refers to the indicator placed on a student’s official record, preventing registration and/or the issuance of a transcript until the student meets the requirements of the College office placing the indicator on the account.