Credit by Examination

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Texarkana College awards credit for appropriate scores on the nationally-recognized CLEP exams. Information on how to sign up to take CLEP exams can be found on the Assessment and Testing Center’s web site at

Cost of CLEP examinations: The College Board Charges $80 for each exam. In addition, Texarkana College charges an administrative fee of $20 per exam.  A grade of “CR” is posted on the transcript. There is no charge for transcription of the grade. Please indicate that you want your score(s) sent to Texarkana College when filling out the CLEP paperwork.

The table below indicates which CLEP exams Texarkana College will accept and how much credit will be awarded if accepted.  There are more CLEP exams than listed in the table below, but TC will only accept credit for those listed below. There is no charge for transcription of CLEP credit.

Subject ExaminationsEquivalent Course(s)Semester HoursScore
Financial AccountingACCT 2301, 2302650
American GovernmentGOVT 2305350
Principles of ManagementBMGT 1327350
Principles of MarketingMRKG 1311350
American LiteratureENGL 2327, 2328650
English LiteratureENGL 2322, 2323650
French Language, Level 1FREN 1411, 1412850
French Language, Level 2FREN 2311, 2312659
Spanish Language, Level 1SPAN 1411, 1412850
Spanish Language, Level 2SPAN 2311, 2312663
History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877HIST 1301350
History of the United States II: 1865 to PresentHIST 1302350
BiologyBIOL 1308, 1309650
Introductory Business LawBUSI 2301350
ChemistryCHEM 1311, 1312650
College AlgebraMATH 1314350
College CompositionENGL 1301350
Human Growth & DevelopmentPSYC 2314350
Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 2301350
Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 2302350
Introductory PsychologyPSYC 2301350
Introductory SociologySOCI 1301350

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Texarkana College will award college credit in subject-appropriate areas according to the chart below. Students must supply evidence of completion. A grade of “CR” is posted on a transcript. All AP students must show proof of meeting the applicable TSI requirements. There is no charge for transcription of AP credit.

A student must have completed six semester hours of credit at Texarkana College and have successful completion of a course within the last 12 months to have Advanced Placement credit applied to their record.

AP credit previously applied at another institution of higher education does not automatically transfer to Texarkana College.  For the credit to be applied at TC, the student must have their AP score report sent to TC from the College Board and submit a request to the registrar for credit to be applied to their TC record.

The process is not an automatic process upon receipt of the College Board AP Score Report.

You must check with the school to which you plan to transfer for their policy on AP credit.

Subject ExaminationEquivalent CourseSemester HoursScore
Art HistoryARTS 130333+
BiologyBIOL 1406 & 140783+
Calculus ABMATH 241343+
Calculus BCMATH 2413 & 241483+
ChemistryCHEM 1411 & 141283+
Economics: MacroECON 230133+
Economics: MicroECON 230233+
English Language and CompositionENGL 1301 & ENGL 130263+
English Literature and CompositionENGL 1301 & ENGL 130263+
Environmental ScienceBIOL 2306 & 210643+
French LanguageFREN 141143+
French LiteratureFREN 141243+
Government & Politics: United StatesGOVT 230533+
Human GeographyGEOG 130233+
Music TheoryMUSI 1311 & 131263+
AP Physics 1PHYS 140143+
AP Physics 2PHYS 140243+
Physics C: MechanicsPHYS 242543+
Physics C: Electricity & MagnetismPHYS 242543+
PsychologyPSYC 230133+
Spanish LanguageSPAN 141143+
Spanish LiteratureSPAN 141243+
StatisticsMATH 144243+
Studio Art: DrawingARTS 131133+
U. S. HistoryHIST 1301 & 130263+
World HistoryHIST 2321 & 232263+