CEU Mirror SCH Classes

A Mirror Course is the articulation of a CEU or non-credit (concurrent) course into a for-credit course applicable toward a certificate or associate’s degree. The continuing education courses must meet the same rigor, evaluation process, and faculty guidelines as the equivalent for-credit courses. The documentation must demonstrate that individual continuing education students have met the same competencies as the successful for-credit students prior to making the decision to award credit for a course taken as continuing education. The course must be offered as both credit and non-credit following THECB and WECM guidelines. There will be no charge for transcription of credit for mirrored CEU courses.

If a student is completing a mirrored class as part of a grant program, the student must complete the requirements set forth in the grant in order for the credit to be articulated. To start this process, the student must see her/his advisor at the college to obtain the Application for Prior Learning Credit Application for CEU to Credit. At this time the advisor will review the student’s records to verify the course was taken. If a CEU to Credit articulation agreement is in effect, only students who have earned CEU’s with a grade of “P” may apply for articulated credit.