Assessment by Local Exam

Some Texarkana College courses are available for credit by way of an internal proficiency exam developed by the division.  These exams are developed and graded by faculty members. For information on these exams, please contact the division chair.  Approval to take examinations does not guarantee award of credit; other conditions, such as appropriate score, must be satisfied. Students must make at least a “C” on the exam to receive credit for the course. A grade of A, B, or C will be entered on the transcript with a notification that the assessment was given by local exam. The fee charged for an internal proficiency exam is equal to the amount of tuition charged for the similar amount of credit if a student took a face-to-face class. Students must submit the non-refundable payment to the Student Accounts Office in the Administration Building prior to taking the exam.

Students may not request credit by local exam for previously taken or attempted courses.

  1. Previously Taken – Record of the course appears on Texarkana College or transferring institution’s transcript
  2. Attempted – Course dropped after official census date resulting of a “W” on the transcript