In the event of an emergency or announced campus closure due to a natural disaster or pandemic, Texarkana College may need to move to altered operations and course delivery methods. During this time, Texarkana College may opt to continue delivery of instruction through methods that include, but are not limited to: online learning management system (Jenzabar or Moodle), online conferencing through TEAMS, email messaging, and/or an alternate schedule.  It is the responsibility of the student to monitor Texarkana College’s website ( for instructions about continuing courses remotely, instructor email notifications on the method of delivery and course-specific communication, and Texarkana College email notifications for important general information.

COVID19 Online/Virtual Environment Instructional Commitment

The ongoing Covid-19 situation will require that some course materials and instruction are provided through an online and/or virtual format. Even if all or a portion of a class was originally scheduled to meet face to face, social distancing guidelines associated with Covid-19 will limit the number of students who are able to attend face to face classes in person simultaneously. Further, circumstances associated with Covid-19 could cause the college to be forced to shift completely to an online and/or virtual delivery at any time during the semester. While TC faculty members are committed to providing students the option of face-to-face instruction if possible, students should be prepared to continue their classes in an online and/or virtual environment if necessary. Texarkana College is committed to maintaining engaging, high quality instruction regardless of the delivery format.