Location: Enrollment Services in the Administration Building
Contact: 903-823-3012

Texarkana College’s staff of professional advisors are available to devote personal attention to everyone in the college community. The Advising department is located on the first floor of the Nelson Administration Building. Students are seen on a walk-in basis or with an appointment. These services are available to all students (on-campus and off-campus) upon request. Students are encouraged to become personally acquainted with the advising staff and to take advantage of all available services.

The Advising Center’s mission is to serve as a central resource which provides students with support while enhancing opportunities for student success. This is accomplished by providing information regarding educational choices, career options, workforce skill development, and the exploration of specific areas of interest.

Services available are:

  • Career advising regarding vocational choice, occupational information, self-appraisal of interests, aptitudes, and abilities
  • Academic advisement regarding appropriate choices of courses, educational plans, study skills, and transferability of courses
  • Referral for confidential personal advising regarding adjustment and life decisions
  • Referral and advisement regarding assessment testing
  • Support services for special populations
  • Assisting students in selecting transfer institutions
  • Providing resources to assist students in selecting a major