Academic Standing

Academic accountability at Texarkana College is based on maximizing student progress toward successful course and program completion. Students enrolled at Texarkana College are expected to maintain a 2.0 semester/term grade point average on all work attempted. Academic standing is designed to monitor student progress so that college staff can intervene and explore options with students who have difficulty meeting the minimum requirements for successful completion.

Academic standing is computed at the end of each fall and spring semester and is based on a cumulative grade point average derived from all work completed and/or accepted in transfer at Texarkana College.

A student is considered in good standing as long as his/her cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or higher on a 4-point scale. [For financial aid standards of satisfactory academic progress, refer to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress portion of this catalog/handbook.]  The primary responsibility for acceptable standards of academic student success at Texarkana College lies with the student.  It is up to the student to maintain his/her GPA in accordance with established academic standards. Once the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, the student is considered on academic warning and remains on academic warning until his/her cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher and is again considered in good standing.  Please be advised that students receiving financial aid through our Financial Aid Office should refer to the section in this catalog/handbook that applies to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Academic warning may affect any private grant or loan the student may have. Academic warning may also affect the student if he/she transfers to another college or university.